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Practice Green

Through Practice Green, Henry Schein aims to encourage communities to become more eco-friendly by providing solutions to support, educate, and enhance the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers.

Key Messages
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Practice Green is designed to empower the health care community to positively impact the future of the planet by reducing the ecological footprint and promoting sustainability - both in daily life and while at work.


Our goal is to help health care professionals to increase their sustainability efforts while continuing to provide high-quality patient care.


Henry Schein customers can rely on us to provide a selection of products, resources, and services to create a greener practice.


We recognise that with our global environmental footprint and unique position within an ecosystem of relationships with suppliers, business partners, and customers, we can be a driving force for sustainability.


As a global distributor of health care solutions, Henry Schein supports its customers and their journey towards enhancing environmental sustainability.


Through Practice Green, Henry Schein will offer customers solutions that will help to implement practical ways to become more sustainable, while following the current health and safety legislation and providing high-quality patient care.


We scale our environmental impact downstream in our supply chain by encouraging our customers to go green in their health care practices and adopt a shared commitment to sustainability


This program aligns with our commitment to mitigate our impact on the climate, reduce waste to landfills, and recycle and reuse valuable materials while practising smart and efficient use of energy and water resources.

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At Henry Schein, we are dedicated to managing our activities to protect the earth. We support the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers, and together, we can build a healthier world for all.

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Here is a selection of our green products which emphasise the aim to reduce, recycle and reuse. 

reNEW Toothbrush-1

re:new Clean Toothbrush Medium 2pk 

100% recycled plastic handle, re-using materials to help reduce waste. Filaments are 100% plant based. Packaging is made from 100% recycled carboard and is recyclable.

Piksters Bamboo IDB

Piksters Bamboo Brush

Made from bamboo, a renewable resource. 97.4% biodegradable. 100% recycled biodegradable packaging.

renew floss harps-1

re:new Floss Harps 30pk x 6

100% recycled plastic handle, re-using materials to help reduce waste. 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

Mikrozid Wipes

Mikrozid Universal Wipes Green

100% plastic-free wipes with a low alcohol formulation.


Acclean Silk Floss

Acclean Silk Dental Floss

Made from silk rather than plastic, they are completely biodegradable.


DEHP Evacuator S Curve Vented Bio Green

Made from bio-based plastic made of sugar canes, a renewable resource. Production also reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


re:new Interdental Brush Recycled

100% recycled plastic handle, re-using materials to help reduce waste. 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

TePe GOOD Toothbrush

TePe GOOD Toothbrush

Made from bio-based plastic made of sugar canes, a renewable resource.

Biogreen micro applicators

BioGREEN Biodegradable Micro Applicators

Handle made from a food production straw-byproduct, they are biodegradable, compostable and made from renewable and sustainable materials. 

UK1200979_1200x1200 Renew Floss 50m

re:new Floss 50m 6pk

 Packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. Dental floss is 100% plant-based with a vegan wax coating.


UK1200977_1200x1200 renew toothbrush bamboo 12 pk medium

re:new Bamboo Toothbrush 12pk

Made from 100% natural, sustainably grown bamboo. Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard. Biodegradable and suitable for vegans. Filaments are 100% plant based.

TePe GOOD Tongue Cleaner

TePe GOOD Tongue Cleaner 14pk

Accessory for the TePe GOOD toothbrush range.



Acclean Bamboo Toothbrush-2

Acclean Bamboo Toothbrush Single

Made from bamboo, a renewable resource. Filaments made from Medex S® Green Line filaments: sustainable filament and is made from up to 100% renewable raw materials.

UK1210388front_01_1200x1200 clinell Surface Wipes

Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes

Plastic-free surface wipes. Biodegradable.

UK1201547Front_01_1200x1200 Greengard Apron Roll

Greengard Biodegradable Apron Roll

Biodegradable plastic aprons. Contains d2w® technology which accelerates the natural process of oxidation. Supplied in 100% recyclable packaging.

UK1202697_1200x1200 DEHP Paper Cups

DEHP Recyclable Paper Cups

Recyclable paper cups. Made from a renewable source, whose cultivation benefits the environment. Produced with wood fibre from sustainably managed forests.

UK1191536_1200x1200 Hygovac Bio Aspirator Tubes

Hygovac Bio Aspirator Tubes 100pk

Manufactured from renewable resources, developed to save and reduce the use of fossil resources and the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

UK1208006_1200x1200 Bio Adaptor

Bio Adaptor 16-11mm 10pk

Made of a mix of fossil-free, green, bio-based polyethylene and autoclavable polypropylene. Environmentally friendly

Hygoformic Bio Saliva Ejectors-2

Hygoformic Bio Saliva Ejectors

Made from bio-based plastic made of sugar canes, a renewable resource. Production also reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Hygotip XL Bio

Partly made of fossil-free Green PE, bio-based polyethylene to help reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

UK1205838_1200x1200 Hygoformic Bio Adaptor

Hygoformic Bio Adaptor 100pk

Made with environmentally friendly PE. Green PE is a bio-based polyethylene made from sugarcanes: a completely renewable resource.

en steps towards a greener practice

The BDA are supporting dental practices to help implement practical ways of becoming more sustainable within the confines of current health and safety legislation.

This includes the BDA’s contribution to the Dental Sustainability How to Guide: Equipment and SuppliesSustainable Dentistry How-to Guide: Equipment and Supplies | Centre for Sustainable Healthcare which has been developed as a practical resource for dental teams wishing to take action to make their practice more sustainable.

Below are some product suggestions, as per information provided in the Sustainable Dentistry How-to Guide: Equipment and Supplies | Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, for alternatives which emphasise the aim to reduce, recycle and reuse, to help you take steps towards a greener practice. 

UK1031215_1200x1200 HS Stainless steel trays

Stainless Steel Impression Trays 

Henry Schein Stainless steel impression trays with rimlock.

 "Avoid single use devices where appropriate: use stainless steel impression trays, prophy cups and suction tips"

BDA Toolkit recommendation reference document 2b, page 2.

More BDA Toolkit recommendation information can be found here

UK1004746_1200x1200 Dappens dishes

Glass Dappens Dishes

For amalgam, mixing acrylics and other small volume materials. Non-autoclavable. Various colours.

 "Use glass/stainless steel pots vs. plastic ‘Dappens’ pots."  

BDA Toolkit recommendation reference document 2b, page 2.

More BDA Toolkit recommendation information can be found here

BDA Toolkit recommendation

"Use amalgam alternatives for dental restorations when possible and clinically appropriate"

BDA Toolkit recommendation reference document 2c, page 2.

More BDA Toolkit recommendation information can be found here

3m dental restorations

3M Dental Restoratives

coltene dental restorations

Coltene Dental Restoratives

DEHP dental restorations

DEHP Glass Ionomer


Dentsply Dental Restoratives


GC Dental Restoratives

Henry Schein

Henry Schein Dental Restoratives


Ivoclar Dental Restoratives


Kerr Dental Restoratives


Kulzer Dental Restoratives


SDI Dental Restoratives


Ultradent Dental Restoratives


VOCO Dental Restoratives


White Dental Beauty Dental Restoratives

Go greener with our business partners

Trying to make the switch to sustainability is difficult to do alone, but sustainability is becoming a global movement and a huge community of people determined to make sustainability happen is emerging. Meet our business partners, offering advice and solutions to help your dental practice go green.

Mark Topley

Mark Topley is a renowned consultant who specialises in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) integration for businesses of all sizes. He is the founder of and the Great Boss Academy – businesses that provide coaching, consultancy and training for leaders, owners and managers who want a more successful, positive and sustainable business.

Mark Topley has also launched Go Practice Green, a subscription service aiming to help dental practices achieve meaningful sustainability goals. With Go Practice Green your environmental journey is broken down into easy to attain steps, that work around your schedule, and keeps your bottom line in mind.

By partnering with Mark Topley, you can enhance your dental practice's sustainability practices through a range of guides, plans, and training designed to help you on your journey towards becoming more sustainable & responsible.

To find out more about incorporating corporate social responsibility into your practice by watching Mark Topley's webinar here.

Initial Medical

When it comes to becoming more sustainable, healthcare waste disposal can be a significant challenge for dental practices due to strict regulations surrounding the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. That's where Initial Medical comes in. With years of experience in healthcare waste management, Initial Medical offers bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of dental practices.

From conducting a survey of your practice to recommending and installing solutions for now and the future, Initial Medical can guide you through the entire process. They are committed to helping you make sustainable choices wherever possible, and offer a range of solutions such as sustainable waste containers, easy-to-clean mats made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly soaps.

As a company, Initial Medical is recognised for their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, having been included on the Euronext Vigeo UK 20 and the ESI Excellence Global index as one of the top 20 UK companies for ESG performance. 

By partnering with Initial Medical, dental practices can make sustainable healthcare waste management a reality.

Gold For Kids

Did you know that precious crowns are not considered clinical waste? This means they are not governed by the same strict laws that regular clinical waste disposal. With Gold For Kids you can do something better with old dental crowns than just throwing them away.

Gold For Kids was founded on the idea that small amounts of scrap precious metal, such as from old dental restorations, can make a big difference. By collecting old precious restorations and sending them to Gold For Kids in a prepaid envelope, you can help make a positive difference, support children’s charities, and make sure this restorative waste is recycled meaningfully.

Since 2019, Gold For Kids has raised over £35,000 from scrap precious metal, help make that total even bigger!

Sustainability Success Stories Image

Smart Dental Care's sustainable approach

Get inspired and discover how Smart Dental Care is taking steps towards environmental sustainability. By implementing digital dentistry, reducing paper usage, and adopting energy-saving practices, the group aims to reduce its carbon footprint while providing top-quality patient care.

Find out how Smart Dental Care is partnering with Henry Schein Dental's Practice Green initiative to further their green initiatives and pave the way for a greener future in dentistry.

Read the full article here!

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environment and sustainability

Understand Henry Schein's ongoing environment & sustainability actions 

Jackie Cooper Article

An interview with Jackie Cooper: How dentists can "Practice Green"

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Working with your suppliers to be more sustainable

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Ideas on making your practice more environmentally sustainable

The product provided in the Practice Green portfolio has been carefully selected by Henry Schein as ‘green’ based on the marketing information provided by the supplier partner for the product that it is either reusable, contains recycled materials, can be recycled or are biodegradable, or are from a sustainable source.

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