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Discover the world of apprenticeships at Henry Schein

Apprenticeships provide an unparalleled pathway for learning and development, when run effectively, they bring immense benefits to individuals, employers, communities, and the broader economy.

Henry Schein takes pride in fostering an entrepreneurial environment that recognises the significance of personal and professional growth. We aspire to see all our Team Schein Members (TSMs) thrive and become the very best versions of themselves. We firmly believe that learning and development are paramount, and apprenticeships serve as an effective method to cultivate the talents of our people.

Apprentices are an integral part of our business, and their success strengthens our collective achievements, and so we encourage both internal and external candidates to apply for apprenticeship roles they would like to pursue.

Henry Schein Engineer Apprentices

Diverse apprenticeship opportunities

Our apprenticeships cover a broad spectrum of personal and career development, ranging from level 2 all the way up to level 7. In fact, with a Henry Schein apprenticeship, it is even possible to obtain a degree!

Our apprenticeships are not limited to young people alone; they are open to anyone with a desire to acquire new skills and we encourage people of all ages to apply.

Stay tuned to our careers page for updates on apprenticeship opportunities! 

Why choose an apprenticeship with Henry Schein?

In 2022, Henry Schein was honoured as Gower College Swansea's Apprentice Employer of the Year. This prestigious accolade acknowledges the outstanding quality of our apprenticeship scheme and our unwavering commitment to enhancing the careers of those enrolled. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment.

The award was in recognition of our engineer apprenticeship program in particular, which aims to cultivate a leading talent pipeline that ensures our engineering team maintains its skills, experience, and knowledge, while delivering the highest level of service to our valued customers.

Our engineering apprentices have commenced their three-year journey to achieve their Electronic Product Service and Installation Engineer Level 3 (standard) qualification. Through structured learning and development, our thirteen engineering apprentices are already making valuable contributions to the business, forging an exciting career pathway within Henry Schein and the UK dental industry.


Celebrating excellence: Apprentices of the Year

We are also thrilled to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of our dedicated apprentices. Throughout their work our cohort of apprentices consistently achieved ‘distinction’ scores in their assessments.

Within the first year of the program, alongside being awarded Apprentice Employer of the Year, two outstanding members of our team, Callum Quinn and Ellis Searle, received the title Apprentice of the Year.

Hear from our inspiring apprentices:

“Team Schein enriches its collective skillset and retains valuable specialist knowledge and expertise adding value to the organisation. I was particularly impressed with the way in which the course content was differentiated and delivered appropriate to our different job roles and sectors.” Fiona Osborne-Wheeler
“Everyone across the company has been extremely supportive and interested in the progress I have made throughout the course. I am looking forward to the final year or so of the Degree that I am undertaking and hope to gain many more skills in the future.” Miles Westcott
“My experience on the apprenticeship has been fantastic, I genuinely couldn’t ask for better tutors. These few years of being with Leeds Trinity and the Supply Chain Academy have been the best academic years of my life.” Kelcie Winch
“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others. You gain a qualification which helps you learn the knowledge you need for your job whilst also gaining work experience in the sector you aspire to work in long term.” Lauren Hayward
“If like me you don't do very well with written examination then I would highly recommend doing an apprenticeship, it stays with you for life and by the time you have completed your apprenticeship you have gained many years of experience which helps in future job opportunities.” Zachery Owen
“I have been with Henry Schein 12 years and there is always more to learn and ways to improve your current skills. In addition to learning new skills, you will receive some great resources from your provider and meet some great people along the way.” Hollie Kaye
“I have been a supply chain leader apprentice for Henry Schein now for nearly 3 years and within that time frame, the course has helped develop my understanding and skills within the workplace and outside. It has been a richly rewarding experience and has helped open new doorways into careers and positions I wouldn’t have thought I would be capable of achieving before I started the course.” Ethan Wells
“Whilst taking part in the apprenticeship I was offered a promotion to Junior Buyer. I believe my learning and growth as a result of the course played a significant part in 1) receiving the promotion and 2) being offered it so soon after joining the business.” Katie Sims
“Henry Schein has been very supportive throughout the entire apprenticeship, especially my colleagues within Business Systems who have supported me with both my work and university course.” Ben Graham
“College days are seamlessly integrated with my working week and the tutors have been great. The other engineers are great to learn from and they have made me feel welcome and part of the team. I would highly recommend this apprenticeship to others.” Jack Blair
“I always said to myself I wanted to work my way up the company ladder knowing Schein had great things to offer their TSMs. I look forward to seeing what the rest of my apprenticeship brings me, to travel the South East and hold the flag for female engineers.” Lauren Edmonds
“It is a great opportunity when you are in a full-time job to learn new skills. I can use real life scenarios within my current workload to put into practice what I am learning.” Brooke Forbes