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Get involved in your community

Get involved in your community

A dental practice is an intrinsic part of the local community. You look after the oral health and well-being of people in your community; but have you ever considered if you could be doing more?

Active involvement in the local community is a symbiotic relationship for dental practices that will benefit your practice and your staff, as well as your local community.


Firstly, it enhances your practice's reputation by showcasing your genuine commitment to making a positive difference. This, in turn, builds trust and goodwill among community members. Secondly, community engagement fosters stronger patient loyalty as patients perceive your practice as an integral part of the community.

By supporting local causes and participating in community events, you cultivate a sense of connection and pride among your patients, resulting in long-term relationships and valuable word-of-mouth referrals. Moreover, community involvement helps attract new patients who appreciate socially responsible businesses and actively seek out providers that align with their values.

Additionally, getting involved in the community promotes stronger team cohesion by providing opportunities for your team members to collaborate outside the clinical setting. This fosters unity, camaraderie, and improved morale among your team.

What can you do to get more involved in your community?

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn manageable ways to start strengthening the bond between your dental practice and the local community.


Something that can no longer be overlooked is the environment, and your own environmental impact, and this is true both from a business standpoint, and a community one.

People care about the environment. Over the last few years education and understanding around what is happening to our planet and what we need to do to save it has skyrocketed, and as a result, people now actively look for businesses that are doing good, or at least trying to limit the damage they cause.

By doing what you can to Practice Green, and participating in local environmental or conservation projects, you can not only build trust in your brand and loyalty in your patients, but also attract eco-minded patients from competitors who are not taking much-needed steps.


Build partnerships with local charities and community groups

One of the best things you can do to show your support and engagement in your community is to partner with a local charity or group and provide ongoing support. One off donations are good, but building a strong and continual relationship with a local project that needs your help is so much better.

When approaching this, it is important to choose the right charity or group. Approach partnerships as true collaborations and select a project that resonates with your team, perhaps there is a cause that is near and dear to the heart of you and your staff. It is also important to understand where your donations will go, and what your support will be needed for; make sure it’s something that will make a difference, and something that you can reliably commit to.

Reach out to the chosen project and seek guidance on the time commitment, suggested activities, and fundraising goals based on your team and practice size. Charities often have materials, such as videos showcasing their work, that you can share with your team, or if it is a smaller scale project you want to help with, you can begin your collaboration by building a plan together.

Depending on your patient base and practice dynamics, consider involving patients in activities such as raffles or sponsored events. You want to be more visible in the community, and an easy way for you to do this is to advertise the project you are collaborating on around the practice. Furthermore, many patients will be keen to get involved – most of us want to make a difference, we’re just not sure how to start.

Engage your employees

Your dental practice is your employees. It is vital that you make sure you are on the same page as your staff so that you select a project that they are excited about. If your practice’s involvement only goes as far as donations to a worthy cause, that is a great step in the right direction, but nothing can beat engaging your employees in local causes they truly believe in.

To do this, try to engage employees in community projects as early as possible. Designate an enthusiastic team member to oversee CSR efforts, allocating dedicated time each week for this purpose. Make your community projects something for your team to look forward too, involve them during the work day as part of their working week.

Create a system for capturing and acknowledging employee ideas, even if their suggested charity isn't chosen. When people feel like their ideas are valued and considered, they are much more likely to make suggestions – and keep on making them. It’s the best way to make your project a true group effort. Consider offering incentives, like match funding, to demonstrate your team's collective commitment.

Don’t forget to maximise your ‘about the team’ page on your website. It is often the most visited page on a dental practice’s website, so it’s a great place for the team to talk about CSR and community projects they’re most excited for.


Don’t forget to shout about it

Make sure your community knows what you’re doing. In today's market, consumers seek evidence of a company's values. Showcase your CSR initiatives on social media, your website, and around the practice to show that you genuinely care about making a positive impact.

It is important that you share the results of your CSR activities, especially in marketing efforts. If you are asking the community to donate then they need to know where their money has gone, and highlighting your achievements and your next goals will help your community keep up to speed with what you’re doing.

Want to do even more?

Perhaps you’re ready to take the next steps, or want to maximise the CSR commitment of your practice.

If this sounds like you, we recommend visiting Mark Topley, where you can get expert and bespoke advice on CSR and ESG. Make CSR and ESG more than a box you need to tick, instead turn it into a core pillar of your business that builds trust and loyalty in your community.