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If you want your CSR initiatives to succeed, we believe that putting your team at the heart is vital. When all of your staff work together, it is much easier to achieve.

But how do you do that? Getting staff onboard with your CSR goals can feel like a challenge, and you don’t want to add to an already heavy workload. So what are the best ways to get your team involved and excited about your CSR efforts?

It's widely recognised that the culture of a business can make or break its success. Even the most brilliant strategy in the world will falter if the company culture is weak or lacking. People, being the driving force behind any organisation, come together to create a sense of belonging and shared vulnerability, which is where culture truly flourishes. Embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be a powerful tool to build and strengthen this culture.

At its core, culture begins with strong, authentic leadership that actively engages with employees. Rather than simply making demands, it involves working together towards a shared purpose.

By undertaking initiatives that go beyond the business itself, individuals rally together, fostering unity and achieving something meaningful for the organisation.

With the help of our business partners, you can access the advice you need to meet your CSR goals and empower your employees.


How do you engage employees in your CSR initiatives?

The key lies in engaging people from the outset, seamlessly integrating CSR without adding to their workload. It's ideal to appoint an enthusiastic and interested individual to oversee CSR efforts and allocate dedicated time for this role, even just one hour per week can suffice. This provides a central focus for CSR initiatives. Additionally, it is important to establish a system for capturing ideas, ensuring that individuals see their contributions acknowledged and valued, thereby maintaining their engagement.
Celebrate every accomplishment and actively encourage people to participate. As a leader, it is crucial to be actively involved and not expect your team to undertake tasks you wouldn't be willing to do yourself. Ultimately, the aim is for CSR to become their initiative, with you serving as an enabler and supporter.
While patients are the lifeblood of your business, it is your team that builds the foundation for happy customers.

Mark Topley: The CSR Coach

Mark Topley is one of Henry Schein’s trusted business partners, an expert in making CSR work for businesses, and an excellent resource for businesses looking to start building and enhancing their CSR work.

People are key to CSR, whether that is your staff, or the patients walking into your practice. How you look after them, and how you engage with the world we live in, is making an increasing difference.

In today's competitive landscape, attracting and retaining talent has become a formidable task. Job seekers are actively looking for companies that prioritise caring for their employees, the environment, and the community. By showcasing strong values, you can set yourself apart from other employers, and integrating CSR into your operations can be the key to retaining staff. A stable workforce not only saves costs on recruitment but also fosters business growth and prosperity.

According to Mark Topley, three quarters of the working population will look for good CSR when they are looking for employers, and employees are four times less likely to leave a responsible business. So, CSR is not something you can afford to ignore.

Petaurum HR

Another of our business partners that can help you on your journey to improve the CSR of your company is Petaurum HR, a company who knows the value of people.

The significance of HR in your business cannot be overstated. If your greatest asset is people, then prioritising their well-being is crucial for the success and growth of your practice. By clearly defining expectations and treating everyone equitably, you not only cultivate a positive work environment but also foster a team that is content, loyal, and high-performing. These factors not only contribute to staff retention but also play a pivotal role in attracting new patients to your practice.

Petaurum HR can help you achieve these goals, as they offer tailored HR support packages for dental practices like yours.

Choose from their range of HR Support packages developed by experienced professionals. Start with HR Assure for essential compliance and employment documents, including offer letters, contracts, and employment policies. Upgrade to HR Maintain for on-demand access to HR professionals and additional templates.

For a customised approach, opt for HR Develop, which works with you to maximise productivity and align your team with common goals.