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At Henry Schein we are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. To do this we believe in the power of our Team Schein Members (TSMs) to make a positive impact, and we empower and support them in their efforts to do good.

Through various initiatives, many of which are driven from concept to execution by our tenacious TSMs, we strive to enhance global health, support communities in need, and provide essential care to those who require it most.

Read more about some of the initiatives we are most proud of.

Practice Pink

Our Practice Pink program is a global initiative dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations in their fight against cancer, and one we are very proud of. Globally Practice Pink has raised over $1.7 million for cancer research, prevention, and awareness.

Through Practice Pink, Henry Schein collaborates with NGOs and supplier partners across Europe and North America to offer a range of pink products, including healthcare consumables and practice supplies. By purchasing these products, dental and medical professionals can raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure for cancer.

In the UK, Henry Schein Dental UK actively participates in the Practice Pink program by donating a percentage of sales from selected pink products in October and November to Cancer Research UK. This donation supports the organisation's vital work in cancer research, prevention, early detection, and improving access to care.

Cancer Research UK strives to make the survival rate of cancer patients in the UK among the best in the world. Their efforts focus on cancer prevention, early diagnosis, development of new treatments, and optimising current treatments through personalisation and increased effectiveness. The organisation's impactful work is made possible through generous donations.

We are committed to leveraging our resources to enhance global health, forge public-private partnerships, and provide care to those in need. Join us in supporting Practice Pink and making a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

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Empowering Dental Care in Ukraine

The power of teamwork and industry expertise can make a difference in people's lives. Our dedicated Team Schein Members (TSMs) from the United Kingdom and Poland have collaborated closely to achieve a remarkable feat: the successful delivery of vital dental supplies to Vinnytsia, a city in west-central Ukraine.

Through our unwavering commitment and exceptional coordination, we have navigated the complex logistics of providing dental supplies to a country devastated by conflict. This effort supports the 'Dentists Stand with Ukraine' fundraising campaign, which aims to equip Ukrainian dentists with essential resources. By standing together, we ensure that dental services are available not only to the people of Vinnytsia but also to refugees from other parts of Ukraine.

In response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis, Henry Schein has taken decisive action. We have established a disaster relief fund, kickstarting it with a generous donation of $50,000. Furthermore, we are proud to match our staff contributions up to $25,000, amplifying the impact of our collective generosity.

But our support doesn't end there. We are committed to providing additional assistance to humanitarian aid organisations serving those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. In fact, we are donating $250,000 worth of products to medical teams dedicated to providing care to individuals in Ukraine and those seeking refuge from the conflict. The contribution made to dental clinics in Vinnytsia is just one part of our ongoing commitment to empowering communities in need.

We firmly believe that collaboration and compassion have the power to transform lives. Together, let's continue to make a positive impact and bring essential dental care to those who need it most.

Making a Difference: Refugee Outreach 2023

In response to the pressing refugee crisis, Henry Schein has partnered with Dentaid and Asylum Link Merseyside to deliver vital emergency dental care to twenty refugees in Liverpool, UK. Through a collaborative effort, we have made a significant impact on the lives of these individuals.

Asylum Link Merseyside played a key role in facilitating sign-ups, while Dentaid generously provided a mobile dental clinic staffed by dedicated volunteers. The success of the project can be attributed to our collective teamwork and shared commitment.

Belan Saied, a valued member of Henry Schein's CSR Committee and a refugee herself, spearheaded this initiative. With first-hand experience of the importance of access to dental care, Belan's passion and dedication were instrumental in making this project a reality.

Belan shared, "As a Henry Schein employee, I felt compelled to contribute. Through discussions with the UK Henry Schein Cares team and in collaboration with Dentaid, we developed the Refugee Outreach Project. After a year of planning, we visited Asylum Link Merseyside, where their support enabled us to address dental emergencies faced by refugees."

During the event, Belan and Naomi Pleasants, another member of the CSR Committee, witnessed the lack of access to dental care among vulnerable communities. They encountered parents who had never received dental treatment or were suffering from severe dental issues. This experience underscored the urgent need to address oral health disparities in the UK.

Ewan Roberts, Centre Manager for Asylum Link Merseyside, remarked, "For individuals whom society often overlooks, this endeavour not only improved their healthcare but also showcased compassion and kindness."

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Overseas charity work

Paediatric dentistry in Zambia

In June 2022, Professor Raman Bedi, Chair of the Global Child Dental Fund (GCDFund), proudly inaugurated Zambia's first-ever special care dentistry unit for children in Lusaka. This incredible achievement was the result of years of dedication, collaboration, and unwavering support from passionate sponsors.

The journey began in 2011-2012 when influential figures from Zambia's dental community attended the Senior Dental Leaders conference (SDL) organised by GCDFund. Filled with inspiration, they returned home determined to forge a partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Lusaka Dental Training School, and local and international NGOs. Their vision was to train dental therapists to provide essential oral health services to underserved children across Zambia.

Recognising the urgent need to address oral health disparities, a pilot program was initiated in the rural Copperbelt Province of Ndola. Over three years, 112 dental therapy students from the Lusaka Dental Training School, with the support of the Borrow Foundation, provided examinations, education, and treatment to over 11,500 children from 20 primary schools.

Building on this success, the Global Child Dental Fund expanded its focus to address the needs of children with disabilities, who faced limited access to oral healthcare. With generous support from sponsors, the dental clinic at the Lusaka Dental Training School underwent significant improvements, transforming it into a well-equipped facility. Moreover, a tailored dental curriculum and training materials were developed to empower dental therapists in providing quality care to children with diverse needs.

The impact of these initiatives reaches far beyond the clinic walls. By investing in training and empowering dental professionals, the project strengthens the entire oral health infrastructure of the country. Through collaboration and perseverance, the team aims to provide a brighter future for oral health in Zambia.

Henry Schein and its dedicated partners remain committed to making a lasting difference, ensuring that children and communities in Zambia have access to the dental care they deserve. Together, we are transforming smiles and improving lives, one step at a time.

Dentistry in Malawi

In 2022, Chris Cox, Equipment Sales Manager, embarked on a transformative 10-day journey to Malawi. Teaming up with Dentaid and Maldent, his mission was to install donated dental chairs and equipment at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.

Working closely with Dentaid, a renowned organisation dedicated to providing dental care to underserved communities worldwide, and Maldent, focused on enhancing dental provision and education, Chris felt privileged to contribute to these important causes.

During their visit, Chris and the team met with key figures in Malawi's dental landscape, including the dean of the Medical School and the Acting Vice Chancellor. They also engaged with the 56 dental students studying in Malawi, a significant development given the country's population of 19 million and only 54 practicing dentists.

In addition to installing equipment, the team aimed to create a lasting impact on dental care in Malawi. They focused on three key objectives: providing students with the necessary tools to succeed, enhancing accessibility to dental care by upgrading medical centers with reliable equipment, and training local biomedical engineers to maintain and service dental equipment effectively.

At Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, the team addressed urgent issues raised by the dental team, ensuring electrical connections were repaired and compressed air supplies were maintained. They also undertook minor carpentry tasks to rectify termite damage in surgeries.

In Lilongwe Kamuzu Central Hospital, their main focus was upgrading the phantom head clinical skills facility. Collaborating with Dentaid, the team serviced and expanded the facility's capabilities, enabling more students to undergo pre-clinical training. Chris provided hands-on user training to year 3 dental students, further enriching their education.

Working closely with biomedical engineering students, the team refurbished existing equipment and compiled additional treatment centers for deployment to rural community medical sites. This initiative not only enhances check-ups and preventive care but also provides valuable experience for the engineering team.

Chris's commitment to Malawi extends beyond dental work. His family is involved with the Chinthowa Development Trust, a charity supporting a rural community in the country. During his visit, Chris witnessed the challenges faced by the people of Chinthowa, gaining valuable insight into their specific needs.

Reflecting on his visit, Chris expressed gratitude to Henry Schein, Dentaid, and Maldent for the life-changing opportunity. His first-hand experience of the lack of access to dental care and the resulting complications reaffirmed his dedication to supporting these important causes.


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