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Discover the perfect fix for your patients' smiles 

Choosing the right whitening product for your patients can be a challenging task. As a dentist, you understand the importance of offering effective and reliable solutions that deliver outstanding results.

Not all patients are the same, but with the ranges we offer, you can be flexible in how you offer whitening to patients. Check out our core whitening brands below, and find the perfect solution for you and your patients.

In-practice treatments

Professional whitening solutions are still most commonly delivered in-practice. Taking control of the whitening process in your dental practice enables you to provide powerful whitening formulas in a safe environment for the patient, and as a result, the most potent whitening solutions are still delivered chairside.

Opalescence Office

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Potent 6% hydrogen peroxide formula
Strengthens enamel
Chemically activated with no light curing
Prevents caries
Purple colour for easy placement and removal
Option to continue treatment at home after an initial in-practice appointment

White Dental Beauty

Bespoke branding to match your practice
6% hydrogen peroxide, 5%, 10%, or 16% carbamide peroxide
Fast acting NOVON® whitening
Sensitivity management options
Eco-friendly packaging
Purple colour for easy placement and removal


Opalustre transparent
6.6% hydrochloric acid abrasion slurry 
Minimally invasive fluorosis treatment 
Direct delivery for mess-free technique 
Purple colour for accurate placement and control 
Autoclavable OpalCups minimise splatter 
Gluten-free and kosher certified 

Take-home solutions

Do your patients want a take-home or on-the-go solution? Do you have patients that want whitening treatments but don’t have time for lengthy or repeated practice visits?

Providing take-home solutions for patients with fast-paced lives will increase patient uptake, compliance, and completion of treatments.

Opalescence Go

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Comes with pre-filled trays
6% hydrogen peroxide gel
Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
Comfortable molar-to-molar coverage
Easy clean-up after whitening
Mint and melon flavours

Opalescence PF

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Custom trays required
  10% or 16% carbamide peroxide
  Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
  20% water to prevent dehydration
  Available in mint, melon, and regular
  Suitable for day or night wear

White Dental Beauty Whitening Gel

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Custom trays required
Advanced sensitivity management
24-month effectiveness
Fast treatment times
Additional options for sensitive teeth
Available as 4x3ml syringes of 6% hydrogen peroxide, 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide, or 8x1.2ml syringes of 6% hydrogen peroxide, 5%, 10%, and 16% carbamide peroxide

White Dental Beauty Strips

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Tray-free whitening
  6% hydrogen peroxide formula
  Universal fit for upper and lower teeth
  Removes surface stains and freshens breath
  P[3] formula works in 15 minutes
  Dissolves with no messy residue

Patient Profiles

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Try the Confident Smile Makeover

To go that extra mile for patients, try offering the full Confident Smile Makeover – a transformative package combining aesthetics and structural corrections for a stunning, cost-effective smile upgrade.

Combine Reveal Clear Aligners, White Dental Beauty, and the CompoSite system to straighten, whiten, and restore teeth.

  • Reveal Clear Aligners: a crystal-clear, invisible aligner solution that seamlessly combines effective, custom treatment with a visually unnoticeable method.
  • White Dental Beauty whitening: this high-quality whitening solution powered by NOVON® technology provides excellent results quickly, while effectively managing sensitivity.
  • CompoSite system: the time-efficient, minimally invasive direct composite veneer solution that preserves natural tooth structure to delivering stunning results with reduced chair-time.